No question, some 80s movies do not stand the tests of time and memory. Risky Business. Mannequin. Anything starring Steve Guttenberg. But others that you probably remember as being distinctly average will surprise you by how classy they actually are, and Parenthood is a classic example of that. By rights, this should be a 90minute […]

Say Anything

This review has been a long time coming. Oddly so, as I love Say Anything, but that turned out to be the problem. You see, I started watching it a few weeks ago – but then I stopped it right in the middle, fully intending to come back to it by the end of the […]

We salute you, Rick Moranis

This week I am not just reviewing an 80s film (although there really should not be a “just” in that sentence; watching and discussing 80s films truly is the loftiest of human endeavours.) Rather, this blog shall be a celebration of one of the true titans of 80s films, a man who helped to make […]

Back to the Future

There’s a very simple but often overlooked reason why Back to the Future has endured so well: the acting is superb. This is not, to be honest, something one can say about most 80s films (I adore the Brat Pack films even though most of them are, frankly, unwatchable and let’s not even get started […]


Even the most devoted of 80s film fans has to admit occasionally that, while some 80s films hold up astonishingly well over time (Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Trading Places minus the weird bit when Dan Aykroyd blacks up, etc etc), others most definitely do not. But the reasons they disappoint vary. In some cases, […]


While Diner remains probably the most influential film of the 80s, inspiring everything from Swingers to any piece of Tarantino dialogue ever written since, Heathers could lay a legitimate claim to being the most influential teen movie of the decade. Who on earth would have expected that of a film that not only opens with […]